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The acne disappeared in about 3-4 days of using zap, but it did not reduce the acne marks though it made them lighter !

Great product!

The only product that made a visible difference, I'd highly recommend it.

Love it!!

Spotlight is amazing! I tried a lot of medicated creams and lotions for my dry elbowsand knees.. This worked better than all of them!!
Even my younger sister and mother have started using it!

Never been softer!

When I first received it was a bit liquidy. I emailed the team asking them about it and got a super fast response from them and they asked me to keep it in a cool place. I just put it in the fridge overnight..!! After I did this, The product became nice and thick! It seeps into your skin suuuper fast...
I've been using it for a month or so now.. I have honestly NEVER felt my elbows sooo soft.. finally my elbows have some life and not just dry and dead skin..!!
I just wish we didn't have to keep it in a cool place all the time..

Really effective and gentle on the skin

Have been using Zap for over a month and found it works so well on clearing up the skin. Gentle and non drying and even works as an overnight mask. Love all the products by organic riot.

Amazing products

Dazzle does wonders.... I am using dazzle smog-blog n zap all together... before using all these , I was consulting dermatologist since a year, but hv stopped now.... there are no acnes... no freckles... n my skin is just glowing....Thanku Organic-riot!!

Good product

It helped me get glow in the face

Works very well

Impressed with everything that Zap has to offer. Feels light. Has an impact in 3-4 days of acne developing. Keep patient with the acne and apply as soon as you see break out. I apply it in morning and at night, after washing my face.

dazzling experience

I have been using products prescribed to me by my dermatologists since 4 yrs and I was feeling that its no longer working for my skin any more. I tried Dazzle as I needed a hyperpigmentation just one week, i could see the results. The sensitive and dry part of my skin was not as irritated as before and my whole face brightened up. I think my acne scars have become less visible. I am truly happy with this risk of trying a product I had not heard of....just took a chance based on reviews.

Face glow in only a couple of days of use

My mother and I used this cream, and though we weren't consistent for the entire skin cycle - within a few days of usage it shows results. The face was glowing and feeling fresher. Moreover, I am really happy with it because I know I am not putting on anything that harms the skin with toxic ingredients as I find in many other creams.


Zap is definitely worth trying if you are dealing with acne. I didn't see much of a difference on the old acne, but the new ones dry pretty quickly with it. Also, as it claims to be made of all natural products, it is definitely worth a try !!


Its genuinely Amazing

Loved it!

It works great, leaves my skin really soft and hydrated.

Organic root acne treatment suppliment

Good to use for acne skin , but scars dont fade away ... its a little sticky though even after it dries up.

Does wonders

Very smooth application, non greasy works good on dry skin


I found it really amazing how it made my skin soft and shiny

Finally, something that works for my skin!

I have acne-prone skin that rarely responds to any kind of cream/serum. ZAP is the first skincare product in a very, very long time that genuinely has done wonders for my skin. A generous dab on early signs of a breakout does wonders to combat it, as well as for my confidence and peace of mind. Keep up the great work, organic Riot!

So far so good

I have had to deal with acne for over seven years now and have obviously tried a long list of products there are. Zap, is easy, non greasy and organic. So hoping it will do miracles that the other products have failed to do.

A must use product

I have been using Smog-Block for over a month now and find it to be one of the best creams I have used. In a city like Mumbai where the air keeps getting worse this cream is a must . Since it is also a moisturiser its great for daily use. It has a light texture , gets absorbed easily and leaves a smooth matt finish. My skin looks clearer and feels much softer. On top of that it is completely organic and has the safest ingredients you could put on your skin. Love this brand...and it also comes in a beautifully designed tube and packaging !

it claims to dry

It claims to dry the acne which it doesn’t and as it say the acne when appearing apply it stops which doesn’t

Waste of money

No impact on skin. Its waste of money. No effect on my skin. No improvement in my redness n acne. I would not recommend buying it again.

My experience

Super light, and absorbs so fast! Great as a day care cream

What an amazing product

I have been using dazzle for a month now and I love the clarity it has brought to my skin . It also forms a great base on the skin if you use make up. I love knowing such good and safe ingredients are going on my skin . What a great brand overall

Great team behind a great product

Have been using it for a couple of days now, and it certainly helps with the acne. Works great as a spot treatment. It's also very light on the skin, which is amazing.
Got a prompt replacement on mentioning that the first package was faulty. Thanks Siddharth & Team! Awesome service.
Will also try out Dazzle soon :)


Its a lovely cream,thats gentle on the skin and very effective at the same time. It evens out the skintone beautifully.its a product I would like to use on a regular basis.