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Based on 316 reviews
Worked well

It worked pretty well to control my hormonal acne problem and improved my skin texture as well

Did a Fab job

I have been using products from past 2 months and it gave me a visible change on my skin.
Thank you so much organic riot.

My skin feels softer and clearer

Highly recomendable for dry skin.

This is the only moisture in the market which is of good texture not too liuidy but solid kind of texture which is recommended for people with dry skin. It keeps your face hydrated for 6 hours,

Superb product

Worked wonderfully

I just loved how the zap anti acne serum reduced the redness of my acne and also prevented it from coming out

Amazing Result

I never thought this would work. Zap starts acting on the acne within the very first use and by the third day, you can see considerable results. The acne does flare up or get worse. Of all the treatments, Zap has worked the best for me.

Great results

I generally don’t write reviews but had to write one for this product. Can see the difference in just around a week’s time. I have got sensitive skin and very few products suit my skin. But so far Zap has been amazing!

Amazing product.

Awesome product . Would definitely recommend it to my friends . My skins feels alive and healthy .

Best serum for pores

This serum is phenomenal. It doesn't dry out your skin. Instead, it makes your skin feel great. I have had acne since forever. This serum hasn't exactly cleared my skin, but my pores definitely look and feel smaller. I just really like the over all feel of my skin after using this. Hopefully this will affect the acne also soon. Cant wait to try the other serum for pigmentation.

What has truly worked for my cystic acne.

Been a month and my skin feels so much better. I have been using this for my pimples and it's effects r quite good. Love this serum. I have PCOS so almost always troubled with acne and I've stopped medication bcoz it just suppresses the symptoms. Thank you for creating something so awesome!


It's an excellent tube resolved my acne completely.

Smog-Block - Anti Pollution Skin Primer

It's working amazing!

Spotlight is working amazing on my skin. I can see my glowing and spots are getting light.

I can see the magic taking over my pigmentation. Will be religiously using Dazzle to carry that DAZZLE all over. Thanks Team Organic Riot!!

Smog-Block - Anti Pollution Skin Primer

This stuff WORKS.

No other cream has worked on my post acne scars as much as it did. After a consistent use of only this cream day and night, I could see a visible reduction in my acne spots after ten days. Excellent formulation, visible results. I'm glad that I discovered this cream. It's so lightweight and the best part being you don't need a ten step skincare routine for for your skin to see the difference. Highly recommend!!!

Best Products

The ZAP product works very effectively

Best Products

SMOG block works best.

Best Products

Spotlight has made my elbows and hands soft and glowing.

Best Products

The ZAP product works very effectively and also the SMOG block works best.

Even spotlight has made my elbows and hands soft and glowing.

It's nice n effective...wud definitely recommend people having acne problem.

Zap - Anti acne

Very happy with the of those rare ones that does what it promises!


I have had acne since years. I have used every cream ointment medicine in the books and nothing has worked quickly or sustainably. This one though has worked well and the result is tangible. I look forward to seeing it's effect over time. Love it's smell, reminds of manuka honey.

Really worked on my pimples and helped zap them away like the name says

My skin gets a lot of pimples and all of them leave scars. Dazzle's helped clean up my scars to an extent but a long way to go. Maybe a couple more months and I'll know if it's actually a working for good. I like zap more as it's really worked on my pimples and helped zap them away like the name says. With Dazzle, I'm yet to see the results I'm looking for