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Organic Riot
Organic Riot
Organic Riot
Organic Riot
Organic Riot
Organic Riot

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This is my second order and I am in love with it!

This is my second order and I am in love with it!
I have hormonal acne and this really helps reduce the scars.
Am also starting to feel it helps the cystic acne from becoming full blown.

Zap it away

It really helped me reduce my zits as and when they appeared.

It’s become a ritual.....

The effects have started showing and that makes me feel so good that it’s become a ritual to apply every night before I hit the sack.

Suffered with a severe breakout and this product worked BEAUTIFULLY. Also love that they use recycled packaging.
Looking forward to trying more products.

Smog Block and Dazzle

Dazzle has been working superb and smog block is heavenly to use n smell. Almost ready with my repurchase after 27days of use.
I am so glad I found the Organic Riot.

Dazzle and Smog Block

Dazzle has been working superb and smog block is heavenly to use n smell. Almost ready with my repurchase after 27days of use.
I am so glad I found the Organic Riot.

Finally a skin treatment that works

This one has worked wonders for me - of course, combined with a proper skin regime, diet and hydration. This serum has finally cleared up my skin and helped me keep it that way!

I have been using the dazzle serum over night mostly and occasionally during the day. I believe that I definitely have a much clearer and balanced skin tone and lesser breakouts than before. The serum is think and sometimes tends to dry out my skin, but I usually follow it up with a gel based moisturiser.
Would love to try the rest of the range of products.

initially didnot like it but now it is showing good results

happy it has help on reducing acnes and have also seen a good change in skin tone

Its as promised

The smog block is really good for daily use and helps to reduce the effect of pollution on skin. I am very satisfied with the product it is true to its claims

Smog Block is perfect for any skin types

Smog Block is perfect for any skin types

Honest Review

Your Zap cream is amazing thinking from long time to review but better late than never... It's so so good actually makes the difference overnight.. loved it..
Overnight it makes the difference my son is using it daily and I asking him to order again before it finishes..

Great stuff

Love your products

Best for knees and elbows

I do face roughness due to doing CrossFit and my skin on my knees and elbows are exposed towards those harsh mats and sweat. This is been a life saver for lighting and nourishing my knees and elbows . I do like white and even looking skin all over and in love with spotlight! I can’t for some more products. Organic riot has truly changed my skincare routine for good .

Best two in one cream!

I’m constantly running errands and always in the sun or in front of the gadgets . Sometimes I forget how much my skin suffers from all this modern and busy lifestyle. Smog block has really changed my skincare routine in a very healthy way. It’s a daily moisturiser with natural spf so saves so much time in the morning. Plus it’s so compact I carry it everywhere and use it everyday . I love how hydrated the skin feels at the end of the day as well.

Smog Block - Light and hydrating!

I started using Smog block as part of my morning moisturizer under my sunscreen and it kept my skin hydrated without making it greasy! I also use it as a primer and I love it as my make up doesn't budge and it keeps my skin hydrated and protected. It's my constant companion!

Spotlight , the best elbow and hand cream

I have always been using various hand, feet , elbow creams and lotions for ages. Spotlight truly lives up to its name. My elbows and skin around my ankles have been dark and discolored. However with the regular use of Spotlight my discoloration has improved and am sure that with regular application I shall be able to restore them to their former glory.

Amazing All day cream

I have had a problem skin since my teens and am very skeptical about the products I use on my face. However, since the time I have started using Smog-block , I must say that my skin not only feels good but looks good too. I don’t leave my house without applying Smog-block and also carry a tube in my handbag always. It is the best day cream or rather an all day cream till date that I have used.

Leaves my skin feeling so soft & moisturised!

During the Summer my skin got too dry, it kept cracking and the only thing that saved it is Spotlight! Just within a couple of applications and my hands and feet felt so smooth and moisturized. The best part is that it gets absorbed quickly so when you apply it at night it won't even stain your sheets.

Lightweight & Incredible!

I absolutely love, the way it feels on my skin. I've had so many problems in the past with products being too greasy but this works perfectly for my combination skin! I never leave the house without it.

Amazing product!

My sister and I both love spotlight. In just a week we saw a noticeable difference. Our elbows have never been softer! Would highly recommend it to everyone!

Totally works

So glad that there’s a product that works and I don’t have to use chemicals for anti pigmentation!


Hi there .. I wanted to say thank you for the best anti acne treatment I have ever come across ...
I struggled with acne all thru my teens and adult life thanks to endometriosis... but with the right guidance from my gynaecologist I was able to finally reduce the acne ..

That being said I still get an occasional zit and it always left a mark .. but now ! I apply Zap as soon as I start seeing it and Voila ! The next morning it’s gone completely.. it’s been an absolute game changer in my regimen .. !! Thank you for this product .. !!

Took time but has transformed my skin.

This is the second product I have tried after Dazzle. In the beginning for a week, the product was absorbing very quickly and I still felt some dryness on my face. Now it’s been almost a month and I don’t remember when I stopped feeling any dryness on my skin. I do need to top up with a sunscreen still but my skin is feeling pretty good with this product. Will highly recommend it.

Light and fresh!

Weightless, not sticky, and it even smells good. this is the MVP of suncreens