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Loving your Dazzle!

I have really bad Melasma on my face due to medication, sun exposure and hormones. I really skeptical as to whether Dazzle would work with fading my Melasma. I've tried many products from other brand names and with no luck. But over a month ago a purchased a tube of Dazzle and I'm really happy to say it is definitely working! I feel more confident, my Melasma has faded and the product feels great on my skin. It absorbs easily and isn't greasy. I'm really impressed with this product.


Hooked on this product. Will continue to purchase!!

Promising start

1 month after starting using this my pigmentations are starting to fade. I wasn’t optimistic this would work, but going to keep going!

love it

Ive only been using it for a couple of weeks and see a difference already!

I have enjoyed the addition of the anti-smog moisturiser into my daily routine, lovely and light and I can tell the difference!

Great product very easy to use, it definitely brightens up your skin

Truly amazing Zap

This product is what my skin had been waiting for!!! My face is full of break outs since j cant even remember when!
What i love most about Zap is it heals possible outbreaks but never makes my skin dry or that peeling aNd redness i usually have with so many other products.
This is a must try! Highly recommended especially with very sensitive skin

Lives up to the hype

I didn't want to get my hopes up but I could definitely see a difference within the first week! I have tried other serums and oils with no visible results but with Dazzle the difference is clear. I'm hooked!

Great product

Within days of using Dazzle, I noticed the pigmentation on my face had reduced and my skin was looking brighter. I will definitely be ordering more.


Great product. It took a few weeks before I started to notice a difference, the skin on my face looks brighter and skin spots are definitely fading. Will keep using and see what happens. Totally happy so far.

Getting there surely

I can definitely start to see results by about 3 weeks...must be consistent with use and results will follow

Love it!

Been using this for a month and love it! My skin looks lighter and brighter and it is highly absorbable so no greasy patches 😁 Just ordering my second lot!

Nice cream

Nice smelling cream. It has helped slightly with my pigmentation on my face. I will continue to use to see if I get better results.

Very Sceptical at first

So many of these wonderful skin products do not say what they say they will do, but Organic Riot does and it is made in New Zealand. Very happy with the product and will continue to buy

Very Impressive

Received my first tube of Dazzle 14/11/20. Put my order Nov 23. Applied it immediately after cleansing my face. In less than a week I have noticed that my pigmentation has become lighter . Then two days ago I applied a little on the Mellia under my eyes. I have noticed that those pimple-like protruding skin has become less noticeable. I am hoping that I do not have to undergo drastic measure to remove it. Because it annoys me every time I look at the mirror. I was thinking to have it treated as soon as I can find someone to do it.They are so closed to the eyes. Bit Scary.

I hope I do not have to undergo an expensive treatment for the Millia and do another Laser on my pigmentation which only last for a couple of months and costing quite a bit, fo onlyr two treatments not to mention the discomfort.
Very impressive result! THANK YOU.

Notice an improvement

Hi I would like to say I have been using it for about almost 3 weeks. I noticed an improvement on my pigmentation. I am interested to see more results with further usage.


I was quite sceptical but because Organic Riot had such good reviews I decided to give it a try. It’s really effective and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s so nice to find a product that actually lives up to its claims.

Great product!

My pigmentation is definitely starting fade, and I know this product is safe for my skin!

So far so good

I’ve used Dazzle for 4 weeks and have noticed a different. I have stubborn pigmentation so may take longer than I’d hoped


Great product!

Just about to order my second tube. Have been using this product for a few weeks now and it does seem to be working. My freckles are not as dark.

It’s fantastic product. Being using dazzle and smog block can together can see the difference. Thank you Organic Riot

Love this product!

Is well as described, soft and so nice to use, im very happy to have trie it!

Absloutely fabulous products . I really enjoy the wonderful effects of hydrated skin and the natural products used to make the anti smog and the pigmentation Lightner. Kind to our skin and yet so effective

Finally, a product that works! 🙌

I had spent thousands on various cosmetic products, skin remedies and skin treatments for so many years for my hyper-pigmentation and skin imperfections, which all produced poor results. I am super thankful to have come across this miracle cream Dazzle, as the results were noticeable within the second to third week. What a phenomenal product! Highly recommended and will be purchasing me another Dazzle cream.